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Vi bygger om en gammal sketen transistororgel (Crumar Model 201, gjord i Italien på 70-talet) till en frän synt.

I Pressen

History has always been a main interest of human scholars, ever since the ancient greeks started the tradition back in the middle ages. This endeavour is not lost even upon the more technical-minded among us, who sometimes like to dealve into the mists of time and dig up the most arcane obsolete technologies of years gone by. One such history-hacker is [bjarne], whose most recent spelunkings in the depths of computer history have uncovered a forgotten hard-drive interface technology that apparently was once fairly widely used on home computers: the ATA interface. This bizarre 16-bit parallel bus enabled old-time computers to communicate with their mechanical hard disks without the need for expensive and complex expansion controller cards that otherwise had to be bought separately, if you could find them at all. [bjanre] and [gks] were not content with just unearthing this fossil from the mesozoic of computer history, they [hacked it to create an analog synthesizer]! this certainly impressed us here at hackaday, who are used to computers being thoroughly digital things. If any old-timers out there remember the ATA interface and have any anecdotes, we'd love to hear about them in the comments.


  • Mini-ITX som styrdator, kommunicerar medelst IDE.
  • Hårddisk för OS och sparade inställningar.
  • SID chip för ett äkta Commodore 64 sound.
  • Någon sorts analogsynt som Bjarni tänkte mecka ihop.
  • Leslie och fjäderreverb (finns redan på orgeln)

Överkursfeatures (låg prioritet)

  • Egen ring modulator


  • T-orgeln Torkel
  • Psalmiak
  • Psalmiac
  • орган
  • Bisarrnajaden
  • Dr Finemang
  • Sidraulis


Vi siktar på att ha någonting som fungerar förr eller senare.

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