928's in Sweden

Saturday the 29:th of July, a group of 928 owners in Sweden decided to get together for the first time. This was to share experience, look at each others cars, kick the tires, admire the style of this beautiful car, and drive around a little in the countryside. This was in Uppsala, and for the first time in a couple of weeks, the sun was shining. (The gods must like us, eh?).

The two persons who planned this were me (Johnny) and Jerker Gidlund. We had no idea how many might show up, but we knew that we were going to be at least two cars... :-) As it turned out, I was delayed, so when I got to the meeting place, there were already four other 928s parked there.

With my car, that was five. This wasn't that bad, especially when we considered the fact that we had failed to get a notice into the Swedish Porsche Club paper, and only announced it on the rennlist mailing list a few times.

We spent a while just admiring each others cars, talking about different experiences, views and just having a nice time. After that, we took to the roads, driving to a place where we could have something to eat, and talk more. It turned out the talking took all afternoon, and we didn't hit the road again until early evening, when it was time to drive home.
But we couldn't just leave without at least some spirited driving, so we decided to convoy to through smaller roads until we hit the larger motor ways. Jerker took the lead, and those of us who followed him soon began to suspect that he was lost. When he finally stopped, we were lost somewhere in the countryside with flies all around us. The drive turned out to be very nice indeed, but we had to backtrack quite a distance before we got on to the right way, now with Rehan in front instead. Guess you wont be allowed to lead anymore, Jerker... ;-)

I was absolutely lazy with my camera, which I deeply regret. Perhaps someone else took some nice photos that I can include, but for now, these are what I have...

There turned out to be an interesting range of cars, we had the first ever 928 shipped to Sweden on location. A plain 928 from 1978 that was for sale. It needed some TLC, but was still alive and kicking...

The next car (chronologically) was a Strosek modified 928, which looked very nice. Unfortunately they couldn't stay around for the whole day, so I didn't get a chance to take that many photos of it... The owner was Thomas Hedin however.

Then we had Rehan Mizra's very nice and clean S4, from 1988. He had a very interesting sub woofer placed inside the spare tire, which definitely gave the sound system that extra volume at low frequencies. Several of us decided that that was one piece of audio hardware worth buying... What was it, Rehan? Pioneer? Another very nice thing was the sports seats. I can only say "wow". I want those seats in my next 928...

Jerker had a very nice, clean and slightly modified '90 GT. After looking under the hood, we all decided we'd need to wash our cars better before the next meeting...

Personally, I think the modified rear makes you car look "fat", Jerker... But of course, we are all entitled to our opinions. A very nice car though. :-)

And finally, we had my '91 S4. I brought along just about every piece of paper I had on 928s in general, and my own car. This turned out to be a useful source of information as we started talking about costs of parts and service at the official Porsche shops around.

My "keep it original" effort... :-)

Of course it wasn't just the cars, it was perhaps more the people that was nice to meet. Here are a few of them...

Jerker beside his GT, looking at the Strosek 928 to the left of him.

Ann Lindahl, her husband and Jerker looking at the behinds of the cars. We have to know what other people in traffic is seeing, right? :-)

Rehan and Tomas Ohlsson looking at something. God only knows what. Could it be my car...? :-)

Jerker, Ann Lindahl and husband are looking at Rehan's car. It does look nice, don't it?

Here we have (almost) everyone still around at the end of the day, standing in front of Rehan's 928.

Jerker and Tomas at the end of the day. "I guess we're about to leave, but we have to take a final look at another 928 first".

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