Can you believe it? Euro 2002. Only 928's wherever you looked.

John Eifert's pictures

928 Targa

928 Targa again (weird creature)

928 at Porsche Stuttgart Parking lot

John Eifert smiling?

Hans, Thilo and Jay in front of Thilo's 928

928 coming home

Porsche club relations person saying welcome

Engines... plain, GTS and S

Old Porsches

A brand "new" GTS...

Guess John Eifert was tempted to turn the key and drive away...

Lunch at Porsche

The parking lot again

Slowly the 928's are leaving


The big dinner about to start


Johnny and Josefine

Rich and Betsy

Porsche club 928 in Germany

Kevin Jackson

The people guilty of creating Euro 928

Who knows?

I think they are talking about the Projekt 928

Anatole Lapine enters the stage, and the Lapine show starts (we forgot the torque converter)

More members of Projekt 928

...and more...

Graham and Sharon

Jon Holdsworth

Jay and Rich are bugging Lapine

Parking outside the hotel

More parking

...and more...

...and more...

Günther, Kevin Jackson and his wife

Günther, Kevin Jackson and his wife again

Anatole Lapine, Johnny and Josefine at breakfast

chewing away...

Graham, Thilo and Jon are totally focused on Mr Lapine (well, maybe not Graham)

Time to leave

...more leaving...

Parking lot at Sinsheim museum (well, the normal parking was full)

Oldies but goodies (including Jay?)

What did they do to that poor Stuka? (Well, Jay claims to be innocent anyway)

One 109 Gustav

One Panther

and one FW-190A

Looking out over the roof of the museum

Wind power has become rather popular

TU-144 bottom side

A few seats are left inside the TU-144. Plastic and real cramped space

and the cockpit.

Josefine climbing inside the TU-144

Johnny posing

Jon and Graham coming down from the TU-144. For some reason Graham didn't enjoy the climb (he only had a small limp)

One cockpit...

...and another...

One of two Vectors in europe.

...and from behind (much uglier than I had imagined).

Parking lot at Nürburg Ring.

The cars are lining up, ready to go...

...and we're away!

At the ring

Josefine driving

More turns

Old Porsches makes no difference

There are a lot of Porsches at the ring

One that went fast

...and another one...

...and a third...

...and a fourth (hey, that one's from Sweden)...

The blur is getting worse

The final straight

Let's go for a spin with Ed. Now we're catching up instead... He he...

Guess you should hold on a 911, so it don't fall to pieces. We're passing it in a Renault anyway...

Ed and Rich in front of Ed's Renault

Ed and Rich again.

Rich, Ed, Johnny, Josefine and John

Ferry between Germany and Denmark. We're getting tired.

Ferry between Denmark and Sweden