Aphorisms of reason

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I couldn't find quotes like these, so I had to create them

If such a weird idea as that of christianity didn't exist, it would be impossible to invent it!

There is a very thin line between what is admirable and what is foolish.

It is a good thing to think for yourself,
but don't forget to listen to what reality has to say.

To think free is the greatest of all liberties.

You talk of original sin,
but that is not my cross to bear.

If God wanted man to have a shepherd,
we would be sheep.

If the only thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history,
and all we know about the future is that we know nothing about the future,
what can we say about the present?

Morality is for evil people;
good people don't need any morality to be good.

The development of a civilization is inversely proportional to its number of gods.

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