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At the moment there are humanists in the world. (number of visitors since May 15 1996)
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A presentation of The Swedish Humanists

What is humanism?

A humanist is of the opinion that the people themselves have to solve our problems and can't put our fath to prayers or "divine interventions". Humanism is a view of life which does not count upon any supernational phenomenon or life after death.

How many people believe in God and how many are humanists?

Less than 10 % of the Swedish people do have a christian belief. Over 60 per cent are - according to several scientific investigations - humanists.Thus, in our land that group is six times greater than the christian population.

Does a humanist have a faith?

The humanist has the opinion that we humans are obliged to to resort to each other. If we think for our selves and respect other people, we can create a better world. This, of course, demands that we take coming generations into consideration.

Who are the masters of humanism?

The tradition of ideas goes back to antique philosophers like Socrate and Seneca. Speculators like Immanuel Kant, John Stuart Mill, and Bertrand Russell have formulated a humanistic ethics. A Swede we should mention in the matter is Ingemar Hedenius. The UN declaration of human rights which is based upon the stoic Philosophy, is also a good basis for moral.

How do humanists look upon religion?

We stand up for religious freedom but are worried by the prevalence of fundamentalism (fanatical religion true to the letter). We see in our operations many people, who have been harmed by religion and it's varieties. Religious and political extremism lacks respect for truth and human dignity. Christian fundamentalists prohibit family planning and in the USA they practise censorship in the school libraries. Moslem fundamentalists impose death penalties against their critics and strain to attain world domination. Jewish fundamentalists obstruct the peace process in the middle east. In many ways the fudamentalists prosecute terror against their antagonists and spread their messages using TV, internet and other media all over the world.

How do humanists look upon occultism?

Serious research has confuted many misconceptions. There is no cause to believe that our destinies would be decided by the position of the planets at the moment of our birth. Neither is there any reason to believe that Ron Hubbard's "dianetic" would be able to do any miracles. Yet young people get caught by the net of the scientology church, break with their parents and start neglecting their studies. Charismatic sect leaders fool credulous people and make money on docile members who work for free. Because of unawareness they are invited to Swedish schools or get subsidy from our tax money to start schools or day nurceries.

Think for yourself

Humanism is the opposite of fundamentalism because it appeals to people to think critical, choose view of life and make their own desicions. "Treat your neighbor as you want to be treated yourself". A classic principle with this meaning was formulated as early as 500 years before our chronology by Confucius and Buddha among others.

An organisation for humanists

Human-Etiska Förbundet is devoted to make humanism known to the public and accepted as a view of life. Furthermore we arrange alternative ceremonies such as civil confirmation and child welcoming. We also work with spreading information about and criticise undemocratic movements which threat our freedom. Human-Etiska Förbundet goes out to schools with discussions about different views of life and their consequenses, arange courses and discourses et cetera. We also publish the magazine Humanisten (4 nr a year).

Human-Etiska Förbundet

is a member of IHEU, International Humanist and Ethical Union which was formed in 1952 by Julian Huxley. IHEU is officially represented in UNESCO, UNICEF, WHO, in the Council of Europe and the EU parliment.

Become a member!

Do you want to join our work for the critical thinking and for human kindness? You can do a contribution for the humanist ideals in the world by joining us. We need anybody who wants to be a member! As a member you get the magazine Humanisten. Write to HEF for information on fees.

Welcome to the Humanist and Ethical Association!

We believe in life before death

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