What is the Humanist Movement?

The Humanist Movement, or New Humanism, are Siloists. Siloism is a collectivist ideology closely resembling communism and fascism. It was formed in Argentina by a man named Mario Luis Rodrigues Cobos, also known as "Silo", and it was the ideology behind the dictatorship of Evita Peron. It is a kind of peronism.

While Humanism is a philosophical non-political life stance, the "New Humanism" is a political movement, who's goals are somewhat unclear.

The Humanist movement is organized much like a pyramid game. The more members you recruite, the higher up in the organization you get.

Humanists should not to link to any web-pages knowingly associated with the siloists, since they are not Secular Humanists.

Individual Humanists and Humanist organizations are encouraged to spread this file. Please copy it to your own web-page. You may alter the lay-out, headings and keywords as you find appropriate, but the contents of the page must be as you found it. If you copy this file you should also mail the author so he can send you a note when it is updated. The official version of this document can be found at http://www.bendz.net/siloism.html

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