I will not be lead


From the album Exercises, 1972, (Pegasus PEG 14)

You have your rules and regulations,
You say his love is my salvation
Then talk of faith and segregation,
You say that I must wait,
He will not communicate,
I will not join your congregaiton.

You force me into situations,
Preach bad of sin and fornication,
Forget your dworded celebration,
My heart fills up with rage
Who are you to gauge,
The purpose of my worlds creation.

I can not see the light you're seeing,
I have my own thoughts to believe in,
I will not heed the words you're hearing,
I will not be accused,
my liberty abused
You choose the cross that you are bearing.

You want me to believe the words you read
But I don't believe in what your good book says,
I just believe that when I'm dead I'm dead.
You say I must repent,
Bow down and show respect,
I am a man and I will not be lead.

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