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When you have a home page about atheism you will have to count on getting mails like these. I find them somewhat amusing, so I expose them on the Web. You will find more of this kind of crap in my guestbook.

From: (censored)
To: fbendz
Subject: web page
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1998 18:05:27 -0600

If you want to call yourself an atheist, that's fine because God doesn't
believe in atheist anyway. Go ahead and deny him now because one day you
and everyone else will have to profess that not only the fact that there IS
A GOD, but that His son Jesus is Lord. You will be bowed down on your knees
before him doing it just before you are denied his kingdom and sent to live
in an eternal BURNING fire and hell. And that is a promise! Maybe you do
not believe in God because you have never given Him a chance to be a part
of your life. If this email offends you, I do not apologize because your
web page offended me- so we're even.

 I'm not afraid of ghosts. The god you outline above doesn't seem to be a very nice one. If there is a god he will most likely find it blasphemous. Your bible offends me with all its vulgarities and obscenities. Do I owe you one because of that? I don't understand what it is that offends you on my home page, could it be truth that hurts?

 /Fredrik Bendz

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