Hate Mail from a theist

Worth waiting for..? It's been several years since the last time I got a hate mail from a theist, but here is another jackass who likes to expose christianity from its worst side:

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>you are a peice of shit mother fucking cocksucker --and when you die you will indeed go to
>HELL. dont post no bullshit about athiests and why there is no god. how the fuck you think the
>world was created? all of a sudden 1day there was a big bang..and BOOM there was a
> world??? you stupid faggot ---who created everything? where is it all
>coming from? answer these questions and I might conform to atheism. BITCH!
>e-mail me ASAP!!!!!!!!!

Unlike you I don't claim to know how the world started to exist, simply because I do not know. This however, does not make the existance of a logical contradiction (i.e. "god") possible.

First of all I don't even know if the world ever started to exist. What if it has existed for eternity? This would be possible according to present scientific knowledge e.g. if the universe is pulsating and continously expanding, contracting, expanding and so forth for eternity.

Even if it was possible to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the world once did not exist and then suddenly started to do so, that does not prove that it was a god that did it. You also have the problem that time is just a fourth dimension of space so to speak, so when space was created, time was created at the same moment. Before that point there was no time, so it is meaningless to ask what happened before that point. There was no before, so it is a meaningless question like asking who is the president of Sweden. (Being a monarchy we have a king instead).

Also, proposing a god does not solve the question 'who created the world?' because it raises the further question 'who created god?'. This was actually the argument that turned Bertrand Russell an atheist in his late teens.

So I guess it is time for you to follow the example of Russell and conform to atheism. WELCOME!


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