Jesus and God, one and the Same?

A debate between Derrick Leasure and Fredrik Bendz

This is a debate between myself and a Mr Derrick Leasure. It started out when Derrick made a comment about my homepage and wanted to discuss Christianity with me.

Derrick: You claim there is no scientific evidence that a god exists. This is untrue. Using sound logical deduction, it is impossible not to believe in Jesus Christ as God once all the facts (scientific) are compiled and examined. I would be interested in pursuing future dialogue with you while we examine these facts together. I am sure we can have a stimulating conversation by challenging each other's point of view with sound reasoning. Please understand my primary objective is not to try to convert you, but to pursue an intellectual quest of scientific examination.

Before I can begin proving that Jesus Christ is God I need to know something. What is your position of belief regarding the historicity of the man Jesus Christ? Do you believe that this man existed historically? If not, this is where we should begin. If you do, we will begin with discussing His existance historically speaking. From this discussion we can move on to issues with a deeper substance.

Fredrik: As you can see on my page Did Jesus Exist?, I don't think there is evidence that Jesus Christ ever existed. If he was the man the Bible claims he was I would expect very clear evidence that he existed. Given these criteria, I believe that Jesus did not exist. And if he did, I could not believe in the miraculous claims of the bible. If he existed he was an ordinary man or a sect leader, but not considered a great man among his contemporary. Of course I can never prove that a man did not exist, but I can make an educated estimate of the probabilities. And the probabilities say Jesus either did not exist or was not a great man.

To be continued...

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