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October 19th 1996 I got a mail from a user at I wrote a reply and sent it, but it bounced back. So I sent it the next day, and it bounced back again. I waited a week, but it bounced back once again. I tried all kinds of spellings and combinations of capital and common letters, but the mail kept bouncing back. I got tired and decided to put my reply on my homepage, and here it is:

From: ZuluChili
Date: Sat, 19 Oct 1996 23:13:09 -0400
To: fbendz
Subject: Webpage

>I find it hysterical that you have actually put together a website for the
>purpose of saying something doesn't exist. That would be like me putting a
>page together for the purpose of refuting the Easter Bunny. The reason I
>don't need to put a page together on that is because I REALLY don't believe
>in the Easter Bunny--hence, I may ignore the whole subject. But the fact you
>are so taken up with God's NOT existing shows you are in doubt---and still
>searching. I truly do not BELIEVE you are an atheist at all.
Interesting thought, but I can assure you that I am an atheist and a strong such. Appearantly you haven't read enough of my pages to know me well enough to realise that the reason why I have so many files on atheism and against theism is that I think theism is something evil.

Like you can see on my file "How and why I came to be an atheist", I first came to the conclusion that god does not exist and is only an image we have childishly made because of our fears and wishes. The monsters who didn't get me when I gave them their last chance (see the file) are just as ridiculus as the god who didn't give me a sign when I asked for it.

Then I realised during the history classes in 7th to 9th grade that theism is EVIL. Crusades, witch-burning, persecution of Jews/moslems/christians/atheists, and the Spanish Inquisition are just a few examples of what religion has done to mankind. I became a socialist too because of those history classes. When I saw how the upper classes oppressed the poor I took the side of the people against the tyrants (note that I am against Stalinism too). Anyway, the clergy has always been on the side of the oppressors and that I think is a strong reason for wanting to have a world without clergy.

"Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet." -- Napoleon Bonaparte
If there were sects worshipping the easter bunny and forcing their beliefs on non-believers of the easter bunny, I would make a page against that too.

During the last few years I have got one more reason to eliminate theism. Theism stands in the way of knowledge and

"...everything in psychosocial evolution which can properly be called advance, or progress, or improvement, is due directionaly to the increase or improvement of knowledge." -- Sir Julian Huxley (The Humanist Frame, 1959).
"We find now that the prosperity of nations has depended, not upon their religion, not upon the goodness or providence of some god, but on soil and climate and commerce, upon the ingenuity, industry, and courage of the people, upon the development of the mind, on the spread of education, on the liberty of thought and action; and that in this mighty panorama of national life, reason has built and superstition has destroyed." -- Robert Ingersoll (Why Am I an Agnostic?, North American Review, December, 1889)
"I believe in the religion of reason -- the gospel of this world; in the development of the mind, in the accumulation of intellectual wealth, to the end that man may free himself from superstitious fear, to the end that he may take advantage of the forces of nature to feed and clothe the world." -- Robert Ingersoll (ibid)
The church has always been against new revolutionary scientific theories such as Heliocentrism, the theory of a spherical earth, evolution etc. They even critisised Newton for reducing god to the laws of gravity. Religion and superstition consolidates our ignorance, and relies on authority and revelation.

Science is democratic. If you and I come to a disagreement on how much a stone weights we can use a scale as a court of appeal. The method is democratic since it gives the same result no matter who conducts the experiment. Revelation, on the other hand, is authorative. When people claim revelation, they almost always have extremely diversive ideas, and their followers can't use reason, logic and common sence when they are to chose who to follow. Instead they follow a charismatic leader. It was partly due to that mentality that Hitler came to the Power in Germany in the 1930s. Germany was full of new age stuff, parapsychology, theosophy, anthroposophy and other authorative sects at that time. An additional thought: Most of those revelation-based systems are racist. New age, UFOlogy and anthroposophy are full of racism.

See "Why I cannot believe" on for more reasons why our beliefs must be based on science and not revelation.

So the main reasons I write so much in support of atheism are:

  1. Theism is used to opress people
  2. Theism stands in the way of improvement
  3. Theism is authorative and anti-democratic
If I saw those problems with the easter bunny I would put down the same effort to debunk easter-bunny-apologetics. So you see, it's not because I am not really an atheist that I have put together a web-site with that much atheist information. The reason is that I am so much an atheist that I would like everybody else to become one (kinda' reversed mission). Or at least respect atheism for what it is and to see that it is logic.

Hope I have sorted things out for you.

Best wishes,

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