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Height: 204cm (68")
Weight: 95kg (210 lbs)
Shoe size: US-13 UK-12 Eur-47
Hair: cendre or ash blond (I don't know which is the correct english word)
Eyes: Blue/gray
Born in: Uppsala on the 24th of May in 1973
Lives in: Uppsala
Mother: Agneta
Father: Åke
Brother: Anders (his pages are kinda' weird)
Status: Single
Does: MSc. in pharmacy, pharmacist, Clinical Research Coordinator, plays basketball
Interests: Basketball in KFUM Tigers, computers, reading and, of course, music.
Favourite group: Uriah Heep
Favourite record: Demons and wizards (Uriah Heep)
Favourite author: JRR Tolkien
Favourite book: The Hobbit, by JRR Tolkien
Favourite philosopher: Julian Huxley
Favourite colors: green and yellow
Favourite food: My grandmothers home made pan-pizza :-9
Favourite drink: Milk
Favourite drink 2: Ouzo and lemon
Religion: None
Philosophy: Atheist, humanist, socialist
Hates: war, injustice, religion and everything else that hurts people
Loves: women, honesty and kindness

Other (ir-)relevant stuff

ICQ UIN Number: 1825843
Nickname on IRC, ICQ and most other places: Benzocaine
Atheist Code: ACv1.0 DUR5 STR4 BIT2 ACT3 DEF5 DEB5 CON5 SLM3 XTN1 PUB4

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