Christ for death!

"Whenever they burn books, they will also, in the end, burn people."
-- Heinrich Heine

"He who denies the truth of history is denying himself" -- Alf Svensson


Have you ever seen a christian wearing a T-shirt with the text "Christ for life!"? I saw one some weeks ago and it started me thinking. Christianity is described by christians and many non-christians as a religion of love. I think that is a description which fits very badly both with the theory and practice of christianity and so I decided to put up this list with crimes against humanity committed by christians.

It is popular nowadays to talk about the "crimes of communism", i.e. crimes against humanity committed by people such as Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Pol-Pot. Books and articles are written about the subject. In Sweden, a survey which indicated that a majority of Swedish school-children did not know about the Holocaust -- the nazi extermination of the jews -- made the government set aside money for an information campaign about the crimes of nazism. The project was called "Levande Historia" (Living History) and resulted in a book called detta må ni berätta... (Tell Ye Your Children), a web page and has been internationally commended and rewarded. (The book can be ordered for no fee at the web page)

By the end of the millenium, it is nearly two thousand years ago since Christianity was founded. During that time, litterally millions of crimes have been committed against humanity by christian mobs and heads of Christianity. Todays chiefs of Christianity are eager to inform the public about crimes committed by communists and nazis, but they say nothing much about their own bloody history. Therefore I have started to compile this list of crimes against humanity by christians. The focus will be on crimes by Christian heads against leading significant people, sometimes themselves Christians, christian holocausts and extermination of non-christian cultures. Since Christianity is a continuation of the jewish tradition, crimes committed by jews prior to the birth of Christianity will also be included. The crimes dealt with here are not just murders but also entail the destruction of culturally important goods.

All contributions to this list are greatly welcomed. E-mail at the bottom of this page.

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389 CE Alexandria In Alexandria there was a great library containing original manuscripts and copies of about 700 000 works by antique thinkers. It was plundered and destroyed by the bishop Theofilus with permission from the emperor Theodosius the great (Bergström and Forsling, 1992). The obvious reason was that the intellectual goods contained therein was a threat to Christianity which had to be eliminated.

415 CE Hypathia of Alexandria Hypathia was one of the most prominent mathematicians and philosophers of the time. She was killed by a mob led by the patriarch Kyrillos because her thoughts were dangerous to Christianity. (Bergström and Forsling, 1992)

Approx. 1440-1600 CE Latin America The religion of the Aztecs was a bloodthirsty one. Because the greatest sacrifice thinkable to the Aztecs was human life, they sacrificed a human being to the gods each day. Though Christianity itself relies on the same fundament, this was considered immoral and evil, and so the whole Aztec civilization was exterminated and all its inhabitants, men women and children, were brutally killed in a holocaust which must have made the Aztec sacrifice look like kids' play (read any history book for references).

February 2, 1377 CE Cesena, Italy. At dawn 10,000 soldiers under order from the pope Gregorius XI committed a massacre on the civilian population. Women were raped and approximately six thousand people were brutally slain in one day.

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(crimes by non-christian worshippers of Yehowah)

Approx. 1250 BCE - ??? Exodus In the Torah we are told how the israelites plundered the native populations during the migration from Egypt to Palestine. The stories are not likely historically adequate, but there is no reason to doubt that the Israelites did not come in peace. Even though it is not possible to believe in every detail recorded in the Torah, it is quite obvious that the texts were written by a people of war to justify its slaughter of people of the neighboring land. In the Book of Joshua, as well as in Exodus, the descriptions of the mass-murders detailed. Not only were men, women and children killed, but sometimes even their cattle. (Exodus, Joshua)

Approx 1200 BCE (?) Jericho There is even a song that is sung today by Christians about how Joshua burned the city of Jericho to the ground. Though the story told in the Book of Joshua is not likely to be historically adequate in detail, it is likely that he actually led a battle in which the city of Jericho was destroyed. (Joshua)


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