On Miracles

"They seem to have overlooked the fact that, if you abolish the reign of law, you also abolish the possibility of miracles, since miracles are acts of God which contravene the laws governing ordinary phenomena." -- Bertrand Russell (Why I am not a Christian)


Most religions rely on miracles. This is the main reason why I regard religion as superstition. This essay will show first of all why miracles should not be trusted and secondly why there can be no miracles at all.

Witnesses of miracles are not trustworthy

The first argument is not really an argument against the existence of miracles, but merely an argument why the probability of a miracle is always very low. Therefore ther is a higher chance on the witness being mistaken or lying that that the miracle has really happened.

When it comes to violating natural laws, there are two possible

Miracles are not possible

Links and references

  1. David Hume -- A Treasy Concerning Human Understanding

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