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I found you while looking for information on why the "Watchmaker Argument" is invalid! Great site! Thanks for all the hard work in putting your site on the net!

I think your pages are excellent and I appreciate all the trouble you've taken to do this. Where do you find all the energy?

Anyway, I´ve spent very interesting one and a half hours here browsing this through and it´s nice to notice that someone has similar thoughts about religion that I´ve always had.

Your page is a very good one for explaining atheism to theists. Keep up the good work!

I actually found you through a research project on homosexuality that took me to your philosophy on homosexuals. From there, I just looked up your homepage for some unexplainable reason. I love it. And, furthermore, I agree. With just about everything I've read. I haven't had time to look at everything, but when I look at it all, I'll write more. I agree with the comment you made about atheists being more excited and awed by the wonders of life than theists. I think this is because they can look at things as wonders, and ponder more openly without the restraint of "God".

I will come back to read more of your page. I'm particularly interested in your political philosophy because here in America, we rarely hear anything positive about Socialism. Very few people really understand it, as far as I'm concerned. However, I do consider myself a Socialist, or maybe a Democratic Socialist at this point.

If I am wrong I go into nothingness when the world ends but have lived a life that has made me happy and fulfilled me... If I am right and you are wrong... you end up in eternal damnation... and if you are right you end up in nothingness... I only off a chance for eternal life.. that does not mean I think you are less then a person becaue you choose not to agree with my beliefs... every word we speak is a seed planted... /.../

May the light of Jesus and the truth be revealed to us all...

Fredrik's comment: For a refutation of this person's argument, read my files on Pascal's Wager.

I am impressed by your restraint. I linked to you from "Why Christians Suck" a page that is very blunt. /.../ If I can be labled anything I guess I am a spiritualist. I (from personal experience) find that there is a "spiritual" side to the universe, that cannot be viewed with the eyes. However, the work you are doing to dispell the delusions of religion is something that I fully support.

Det största felet med webbplatsen tycker jag personligen är att det är så mycket propaganda och så lite om dig själv och övriga intressen förutom politik, filosofi och religion. Inget fel på dem, jag är syndikalist och icke-troende, men det blir lite tvållådepredikande över det, lite tungt och enahanda.

Men som sagt, trevligt som helhet!

I think your page was great. I gave a lower score on language because you have constant mispellings (but the pronounciation is fine) on your page, but i can't blame you because english isn't your native language :)

Fredrik, the general (technically + variety of content) impression of your site is: terrific!
I hope to build a site as good some day.
My comment about your religious opinions [5, Fredrik's comment] is not because of what you believe, but rather because you definitely have an opinion, and are not afraid of speaking it out. Honesty is something valuable. You have it.
I´ll be back to continue check out your different pages.

I actually loved your homepage... finally someone who exhibits the power of reason. I personally do not shun theists whatsoever.. although i believe that they are naive and somewhat ignorant. email me sometime.. i'd like to exchange emails with whoever the hell you are.

Yesterday's religion is today's mythology. How long until today's religions are referred to as mythology?

God is a placebo. Like all other placeboes he is only effective if one believes. When one realizes they are taking a palcebo it loses all effectiveness.

On April 25, 1997, the federal courts in North Carolina ruled that nicotine is a drug and can be regulated by the FDA. Shouldn't Christianity be classified as a drug also. Both the tobacco and religious industries know the importance of hooking kids on their poision before they have the mental acument to decide for themselves.

See you in hell. If you get there before I do please save me a seat by the fire.

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