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Question of the month

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Consider all pros and cons of different sound formats.
(Size, sound quality, compatibility, streaming)
Note that I am currently using a compressed WAV vormat.
(See lyrics)

Which file format do you prefer when it comes to sound samples?

Based on an idea by Harry Sklar

August 97-June 2000

Geee! That was a long month! ;-)

Which background do you prefer:

marble texture
(about 50%, haven't counted yet) (about 50%, haven't counted yet)

(I decided not to use a background image. The yellowish background color I have is enough.)

July/August 1997

What do you think of my new map?

Positive: 1 (33%)
Negative: 4 (80%)

May/June 1997

What do you think of the size of my files?

Too small: 0 (0%)
Perfect: 4 (100%)
Too big: 0 (0%)

April 1997

Do you like this banner?


Positive: 3 (60%)
Negative: 2 (40%)

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