Another thing that upsets me, is racism, regardless of how it manifests. I deeply believe that we all are human first, and that the rest is differences in beliefs. I might get really unpleasant with people that I disagree with, but I'd never let their 'race' be a factor. (I do not believe the term race should be used about individuals of the human race, if we do we will not survive as a species on this planet.) Some links for you to ponder upon: As an aside: Many modern day white supremacists and racists look to the old vikings for inspiration. I'd like you who disagree with the two groups mnetioned above to read the Icelandic sagas, and see what you think. Harsh they were, but a role-model for racists? Hardly. Says more about the gullibility of the racist mind, than it does about the old norsemen. :) Hatemail to /dev/null