(original wording of my web-page on my opinion of Wayne McGuire)

Wayne McGuire can be seen in newsgroups such as alt.revisionism, and talk.politics.mideast, where he is usually trying to trace the Evil Jewish Conspiracy in everyday events. He claims he's been educated at Harvard, and that he can read 3000+ words a minute. (That might be 4000+ now..) He also likes to label any and all that do not agree with him, Marxists and/or Zionists. According to Wayne McGuire I'm a Marxist/Zionist Apologist. My friends really like reminding me about that every now and then. Sigh. Anyway, according to me, Wayne McGuire ranks right up there among the other net kooks.

(Thus endeth my original web-page)

Since I just (18 june 1995) recieved a letter from Wayne McGuire, asking if I'm using the net to conduct a personal vendetta against him, I feel I should add that no, I do not regard the above as a personal vendetta. Maybe I should have put him on a special 'intense dislike'-list instead. The only wording above that I feel is dubious is the "where he is usually trying to..." which really should be worded "where I think he is usually trying to.." but it did sound awkward. As for the other stuff, there's ample net.archives on my friend Wayne McGuire, and I do not feel any of those parts should be changed.

However, if people point out any direct errors in my original text I'll add corrections below. (Reason for this is that I feel it'd be dishonest to change the original text, making it look as if I've never said anything wrong.. .)

I'll even apologize for the error.

Feeling better now, Wayne McGuire?

Oh, and yes, Wayne McGuire stated that he could put up a page on me, displaying my past agressions against him. If he does, please let me know, good netizens, as I've asked Wayne McGuire several times to produce those posts he claims I made. (Be sure to tell me if you ever put those pages up, Wayne McGuire!)

Just to make sure: Wayne McGuire. I do _not_ mind if you create a page devoted to me, as long as you ask permission before posting personal letters (email.) If you feel any need to state personal opinion about me, that'll be fine. I do not mind that. As a matter of fact, I think it's your right to do so. Go ahead.

Since Wayne McGuire have expressed a wish that I make myself clear, I might also add that my personal opinion is that Wayne McGuire must be on some kind of medication, as he is well thought out and good with references, in his lucid moments, but from time to time takes to sticking labels such as Marxist and/or Zionist on any and all who do not agree with him, while dodging questions posed to him.

To be honest though, I haven't read anything by him since almost one year, so maybe he's better now. If you have information supporting such a recovery, I'll be more than happy to remove this page.

List with corrections and apologies for errors in the original text.

(As you see th list is empty, so far. If you read this, and know I am in error in the original text at the top of the page, please email