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Part 2: Life in AMERICA

As a foreigner in the USA, I can't help noting many peculiarities and - to me - mysteries with various American lifestyles and phenomena. For my own amusement, and maybe to some extent the amusement of other strangers to the American Way of Life, I am making some notes on this subject. Americans will probably not find anything they would think remarkable in my

newUnderligheter. More strange aspects of life in America, especially for the Swedish readers. Things you might not know, no matter how much TV you watch. In Swedish only.

new/ovalSaid and Done in America. Still more material from this intriguing society, ranging from deep thoughts to utter hogwash. Includes some interesting rulings from American courts of law.

The collection of "Pictures of America" is not available right now, since the pictures have been taken down and sent to cleaning. Instead, we offer a look at Miami as it was fifty to seventy years ago. The pictures are selected after two criteria:
a) the motif still exists in a recognizable form today, and
b) it is familiar to us, meaning that we live nearby, like to visit the place, etc.
Miami has gone through tremendous change since these pictures were taken, mostly for the worse, but here are a few surviving

If you wish to read the latest Miami news, you can access the biggest of the local papers, the Miami Herald, over the adjacent link. It's not very informative of the world events, though, and I seldom bother to read it myself. Still, if you want to check the results from the latest baseball games, drive-by shootings and other popular Florida sports, go ahead.

An alternative paper is the Miami New Times. It is a weekly magazine with an ambition level New Times coverwhich is amazingly high for a free, advertisor-financed publication. In-depth reports, environmental and social issues, muckraking, campaigning against the ongoing bananarepublification of Miami's corrupt government, informed reviews of film and music events, and generally a liberal outlook at the society. No conventional news reports, though. Here we may have that often heard of but seldom spotted capitalistic marvel: the cultural quality product financed by advertising only. Perhaps made possible because the advertisers are mostly local restaurants, sex services, gyms, cosmetic surgeons and fortune tellers, none of which are likely to be easily offended by the magazine's often controversial articles.

Those who know Swedish can read the story of how I tried to bake classic Swedish Yule bread in Florida. It's more difficult than one might think. Get the whole story of

You may also find it amusing to read some texts by other authors at

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