This section was written about 1997 and was much pruned in 2014 due to most links being long since dead. It should probably be taken down altogether, but a couple of the links may still be amusing.

Although my profession makes it necessary for me to spend much time abroad - or should I say that it allows me to travel? - Sweden is the place where I feel at home. Perhaps the Swedish culture will seem as odd to the Americans as the American often seems to Swedes. In all likelihood, it will seem even more so, since the Americans aren't fed Swedish soap operas, police serials etc several hours a day. Indeed, Americans are so well protected from European influences that when a European film makes especially high profits in Europe, it is often still not shown in the US; instead, an American version based on the same script is made. We Swedes, on the other hand, have seen thousands of American police cars fly through the air and land upside down, countless heroes and crooks die gracefully after being shot in the stomach, and the sillier among us often dress in sports shoes, baseball caps and ill-fitting trousers after American fashion.

It is therefore a bit difficult to decide what information on Sweden to present here. As things stand right now, I have not written any material of my own on the subject. I'm partial, anyway: I think that Sweden has a more pleasant climate than Florida, I don't think private persons should have the right to keep and bear firearms, and I prefer blood pudding with cowberry jam to peanut butter sandwiches. So instead of writing a presentation of Sweden, I think I'll just offer some links to sites that I believe have something to tell about the country.

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