VMS Manuals for available
All of these VMS Manuals are for available. I prefer to send of big lots. Price is reasonable: cost of shipping for big lots(>10). Make me an offer if you want to cherry pick.

The first table is manuals in grey or orange binders. Some binders house multiple manuals.

VersionOrder NumberTitleQuantity
3.0AA-D030C-TEVAX/VMS Primer(1)
4.2AA-FD23A-TNMicroVMS Release Notes(1)
4.2AA-Z210C-TEMicroVMS User's Primer(1)
4.2AA-Z210C-TEMicroVMS User's Primer(1)
4.4AI-Y516A-TEVAX/VMS Mini-Reference(1)
MicroVMS User's Manual
Part 1 & 2
Part 1
Part 2

4.4AI-Z212B-TEMicroVMS Programmer's Manual(1)
4.4AA-HL73A-TNInstalling or Upgrading MicroVMS From Diskettes(1)
4.4AA-HL74A-TNInstalling or Upgrading MicroVMS From a Tape Cartridge(1)
4.4AI-Z212B-TEMicroVMS Programmer's Manual(1)
4.4AA-HL72A-TNMicroVMS Release Notes Version 4.4(1)
4.4AA-Z502C-TEVolume 8B -- VAX/VMS Run-Time Library Routines Reference Manual(1)
4.4AA-Z505C-TEVolume 5D -- Run-Time Library Routines (continued)(1)
4.4AA-Z501C-TEVAX/VMS System Services Reference Manual(1)
4.5AA-JC66A-TNMicroVMS Release Notes Version 4.5(1)
5.0AA-LAO1A-TEVMS Master Index(1)
5.0AA-LA02A-TEVMS General User Master Index(1)
5.0AA-LA03A-TEVMS Glossary(1)
5.0AA-LA04A-TEIntroduction to VMS(2)
5.0AA-LA05A-TEGuide to Using VMS(2)
5.0AA-LA06A-TEGuide to VMS Files and Devices(2)
5.0AA-LA07A-TEVMS Mail Utility Manual(1)
5.0AA-LA08A-TEVMS Phone Utility Manual(1)
5.0AA-LA09A-TEVMS Sort/Merge Utility Manual(1)
5.0AA-LA10A-TEVMS DCL Concepts Manual(1)
5.0AA-LA11A-TEGuide to Using VMS Command Procedures(1)
5.0AA-LA17A-TEVMS System Messages and Recovery Procedures Reference Manual: PartI(1)
5.0AA-LA18A-TEVMS System Messages and Recovery Procedures Reference Manual: PartII(1)
5.0AA-LA66A-TEIntroduction to VMS System Routines(1)
5.0AA-LA67A-TEVMS Utility Routines Manual(1)
5.0AA-LA68A-TEIntroduction to VMS System Services(1)
5.0AA-LA69A-TEVMS System Services Reference Manual(1)
5.0AA-LA76A-TEVMS RTL Library (LIB$) Manual(1)
5.0AA-LA77A-TEVMS RTL Screen Management(SMG$) Manual(1)
5.0AA-LA78A-TEGuide to VMS File Applications(1)
5.0AA-LA79A-TEVMS Analyze/RMS_File Utility Manual(1)
5.0AA-LA81A-TEVMS File Definition Language Facility Manual(1)
5.0AA-LA82A-TEVMS National Character Set Utility Manual(1)
5.0AA-LA83A-TERecord Management Services Reference Manual(1)
5.0AA-LA78A-TEGuide to VMS File Applications(1)
5.1/5.2AA-PAJKA-TKVAX Language-Sensitive Editor and VAX Source Code Analyzer Reference Manual(1)
5.2AA-LB32B-TEVMS Installation and Operations: VAXstation II, II/GPX and MicroVAX II(1)
5.3AA-PC2AA-TEDECrpc Programming Guide(1)
5.4AA-LB22C-TEVMS Version 5.4 Release Notes(1)
5.4AA-NG61C-TEVMS Version 5.4 Upgrade and Installation Manual(1)
5.4AA-LB34B-TEVMS Upgrade and Installation Supplement: VAXstation 2000, MicroVAX 2000(1)
5.4AA-P6PXA-TEVMS Device Support Reference Manual(1)
5.4AA-LA39B-TEVAX MACRO and Instruction Set Reference Manual(1)
5.4AA-PBTNA-TEVAX Text Processing Utility Manual: Part II(1)
5.4AA-LA23B-TEVMS System Management Master Index(1)
5.4AA-LA17B-TEVMS System Messages and Recovery Procedures Reference Manual: Part I(1)

The second table is not strictly VMS, also in binders.

4.6,5.0AA-GI10C-TEVMS Workstation Software Graphics Programming Guide (May -88)(1)
?AA-KP45D-TEVMS Workstation Software Release Notes Version 4.1(1)
5.0AA-GI10C-TEVMS Workstation Software Graphics Programming Guide (May -89)(1)
?AA-KP45E-TEVMS Workstation Software Release Notes Version 4.2(1)
?AA-MI67A-TEA Guide to Migrating CWS Applications to DECwindows(1)
>=5.0AA-KP45F-TEVMS Workstation Software Release Notes VWS 4.3(1)

The third table is in paperback.

VersionOrder NumberTitleQuantity
6.2AA-PV5NC-TKOpenVMS System Manager's Manual: Tuning, Monitoring, and Complex Systems(1)
6.2AA-PV5PC-TKOpenVMS System Management Utilities Reference Manual: A-L(1)
6.2AA-PV5QC-TKOpenVMS System Management Utilities Reference Manual: M-Z(1)
6.2AA-QJGCA-TEOpenVMS Management Station Overview and Release Notes(1)
6.2AA-Q2HLB-TEGuide to VMS System Security(1)
6.2AA-PV5JB-TKOpenVMS User's Manual(2)
6.2AA-PV5KC-TKOpenVMS DCL Dictionary: A-M(1)
6.2AA-PV5LC-TKOpenVMS DCL Dictionary: N-Z(1)
6.2AA-PV5VC-TKOpenVMS Master Index(1)
6.2AA-QJEEA-TEOpenVMS Version 6.2 New Features Manual(1)
6.2AA-QJEFA-TEOpenVMS Version 6.2 Release Notes(2)
6.2AA-PV6YC-TKOverview of OpenVMS Documentation(1)

New 2016-10-15 ! A box of manuals without binders.

VersionOrder NumberTitleQuantity
4.0AA-Z410A-TEVAX/VMS DECnet Test Sender/DECnet Test Receiver Utility Reference Manual(1)
4.2AA-Y512C-TEVAX/VMS Networking Manual(1)
4.4AA-EC64C-TEVAX Text Processing Utility Reference Manual(1)
4.4AA-Z411C-TEVAX/VMS Debugger Reference Manual(1)
4.4AA-Z407B-TEVAX/VMS Backup Utility Reference Manual(1)
4.0AA-Z435A-TEVAX/VMS Bad Block Locator Utility(1)
4.2AA-Z402B-TEVAX/VMS Error Log Utility Reference Manual(1)
4.2AA-Z416B-TEVAX/VMS Exchange Utility Reference Manual(1)
4.0AA-Z417A-TEVAX/VMS Install Utility Reference Manual(1)
4.0AA-Z436A-TEVAX/VMS LAT Control Program Reference Manual(1)
4.7AA-KX22A-TELAT/VMS Management Guide(1)
4.4AA-Z423B-TEVAX/VMS Monitor Utility Reference Manual(1)
4.0AA-Z424A-TEVAX/VMS Mount Utility Reference Manual(1)
4.4AA-Z430B-TEVAX/VMS Show Cluster Utility Reference Manual(1)
4.0AA-Z434A-TEVAX/VMS Verify utility Reference Manual(1)
4.0AA-Z300A-TEVAX EDT Reference Manual(1)
4.2AA-Z301B-TEVAX Digital Standard Runoff (DSR) Reference Manual(1)
4.0AA-Z432A-TEVAX/VMS SUMSLP Utility Reference Manual(1)
4.4AA-Z200C-TEVAX/VMS DCL Dictionary(1)
4.4??VAX ScriptPrinter Software V1.0 RELEASE NOTES [NOTE: This is just a printout](1)