Korg SQD-1 Midi Recorder

(review by Mikael Lundgren)

Unit Description

The minimal 2-track SQD-1 with its built-in disk drive was seen as an early competitor to traditional multi-track tape decks with its "bounce tracks" way of working.


MIDI in, DIN sync in, Tape in, Footx2 (Start/stop, Rec)


MIDI out, DIN sync out, Tape out, Click out.

Synchronization possibilities:

MIDI, Din, Tape FSK.

Secondary data storage:

2.8" Quick Disk.

Memory size:

15,000 notes, 2 tracks.

Physical size:

403mm x 74 x 260, 3.6 kg.

Data generation/modification/recording:

>Step/Real time. Usual editing features include: Copy, insert, delete, blank, erase, punch in/out. Linear, track bouncing (data remembers MIDI channel)

Bugs & Features:

Quick disks are slow, doesn't hold much data, and extremely expensive, in all an obsolete format. Very small display.Unit could possibly be used to sync non-midi and midi units together, but this is reportedly not a seamless thing to do with this unit.

Tips & Tricks:

Use as a sketch pad. Don't edit tracks once they've been bounced.