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 |**Emulerade system** ^Arkitektur ^OS ^Emulator ^ |**Emulerade system** ^Arkitektur ^OS ^Emulator ^
 |[[Mim]] |PDP-11 |RSX-11M-PLUS | |[[Mim]] |PDP-11 |RSX-11M-PLUS |
-|[[http://​​|UP]] |PDP-10 |[[http://​​|ITS]] |[[http://​​|KLH10]] (kn10-ks) |+|[[http://​​|UP]] |PDP-10 |[[https://​​|ITS]] |[[http://​​|KLH10]] (kn10-ks) |
 |[[http://​​|TINA]] |PDP-10 |[[wp>​TOPS-20]] |[[http://​​|KLH10]] (kn10-kl) | |[[http://​​|TINA]] |PDP-10 |[[wp>​TOPS-20]] |[[http://​​|KLH10]] (kn10-kl) |
 </​sortable>​ </​sortable>​
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