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 ====== Updateringar ====== ====== Updateringar ======
-Så kallas Updates offentliga föreläsningar.+"Updateringar" is the name of Update's lecture series. It is a play on the Swedish word "uppdateringar", meaning "updates". The lectures are free and open to everyone
-Vi har för avsikt att återuppta det här projektetoch tänker oss försöka med lunchföreläsningar med gratis smörgåsar för att locka publik.+To participatejoin [[|this BigBlueButton room]]. Feel free to ask questions! The presentations will not be recorded. For further lectures by Update see [[projekt:mini-conference|Update's mini-conference]]. All times below are in CET/CEST.
-Ideer på framtida updateringar:+===== Upcoming =====
-  * Världens bästa programmeringsspråk Forth +  * 2021-06-12, 19:00: **The Oldenburg Computer Museum – Rearing and Care**\\ //Thiemo Eddiks (Oldenburg Computer Museum)//\\ The Oldenburg Computer Museum (OCM) is a German computer museum founded in 2008 and run by volunteers. This talk presents a historical outline of the founding of the OCM. From building up the collection to opening the first exhibition to founding the supporting association and moving to the current premises – and the professionalisation that goes with it. Thiemo Eddiks presents the didactic concept, explains the museum work in the team and gives insights into and outlooks on current projects. In addition, he talks about problems associated with running a museum as a hobby.
-  * En mini-kurs i operativsystem, motiverat av att DV-programmets kurs i operativsystem helt verkar ha trillat omkull på sistone. +
-  Annas invigningsföreläsning från utställningen på FA+
 +===== Past =====
 +  * 2021-04-10, 19:00: **Get to know the PDP-8 through emulation**\\ //Pontus Pihlgren (Update)//\\ An emulator is a program that pretends to be a computer different from the one the emulator is executing on. This allows execution of software intended for a physical computer that you do not have. In this talk Pontus will explain the basics by implementing a fully working PDP-8 emulator and explaining each instruction and feature along the way. The end result is a working emulator in less than 1000 lines of C code. And hopefully you will walk away with both an understanding of the classic PDP-8 computer and emulation.
 +  * 2021-05-08, 19:00: **Forth: from the minicomputer to the microcontroller**\\ //Jan Bramkamp (CCCHB)//\\ Forth is an almost esoteric programming language in the eyes of most modern programmers, but still worth learning if only to expand your horizon. On modern microcontrollers the strengths that made Forth stand out in on 1970s minicomputers are relevant once again: fast enough execution, low worst case latency, full control over the system, powerful metaprogramming, and interactive development. This presentation will show how to overcome the initially near vertical learning curve and get the Mecrisp Stellaris Forth system running on a STM32 microcontroller without breaking the bank. Prior exposure to microcontrollers or assembler is helpful, but not required. Once the Forth system is running we will use it to explore either the hardware it's running on or its implementation and available implementation tradeoffs.\\ {{2021-05-08_forth_from_the_minicomputer_to_the_microcontroller.pdf|Slides}}, [[|demo code]]
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