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The top list (in alphabetic order):

  1. Add your own atheism links
  2. American Humanist Association
  3. The Atheism web
  4. Internet Infidels (Secularised Web) A great source of secularist wisdom
  5. The archive
  6. Wasteland of Wonders -- Great content, nice layout.

Atheist Music

  1. Nazareth
  2. I will not be lead, by Nazareth
  3. My favourite Atheist lyrics
  4. Atheist Music You can even add your own lyrics.

Freethought organizations

  1. Institute for the Secularisation of Islamic Society (ISIS) New!
  2. The Atheist Society of Australia
  3. FFRF, Freedom From Religion Foundation
  4. The secular web I really worship this site!!!
  5. Organizations at the Internet Infidels
  6. Hedningsamfunnet The Norwegian Heathen Society
  7. The Net Atheists
  8. The Evil Atheist Conspiracy
  9. Atheism Centre, India
  10. National Secular Society, England
  11. Sacramento Freethought site
  12. Atheists and Other Freethinkers
  13. Danish Atheist Society
  14. American Atheists

Humanist organizations (In english)

  1. Corvallis Secular Society
  2. My Humanism page
  3. AHA, The American Humanist Association.
  4. BHA, The Brittish Humanist Association.
  5. ACLU, American Civil Liberties Union
  6. Institute For First Amendment Studies Exposes and counters the Religious Right
  7. Atheists United for Separation of Church and State
  8. Atheist Alliance New!
  9. Council for Secular Humanism (ex. CODESH)
  10. The Humanist Community
  11. IHEU, International Humanist and Ethical Union
  12. HAC, Humanist association of Canada
  13. Humanist Students - Stanford University student humanists.
  14. Humanists Net - Soft core Atheists
  15. Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association
  16. Irish Humanists
  17. Secular Coalition for America
  18. Institute for Humanist Studies
  19. The New Humanist (120 years old publication)

Humanist organizations (Other languages)

  1. Humanisterna Swedish Humanists
  2. Human-Etiska Föreningen
  3. Human-Etisk Forbund The Norweigan Humanist and Ethical Association
  4. Asociacion Iberoamericana Ético Humanista
  5. SinDioses A spanish site
  6. HIVOS, Humanistisch Instituut voor Ontwikkelingsamenwerking

Atheist religions

  1. Virus the contagious religion
  2. Scientific Pantheism
  3. The Swedish Pantheist Society
  4. The Agnostic Church
  5. Deism - They believe in "God", but are they really theists?
  6. Society for Humanistic Judaism
  7. Positivist Church of Brazil New!

Ex Theists

  1. Ex-tian stories Ex christians tell how they became atheists
  2. Walk Away ex fundamentalists
  3. Terror on flight 789 - A true story, believe it or not!
  4. QUESTIONING - an examination of Christian belief

Freethought resources

  1. The Humanism Ring at Bomis
  2. The Atheism Ring at Bomis
  3. Atheist Manifesto Not all atheists agree with all of these points
  4. Freethought contacts
  5. Atheist contacts in Sweden
  6. Celebrity Atheist List Notable persons who have stated his\her lack of belief on a god
  7. Famous Dead Non-theists
  8. Random atheist Fortune Cookies
  9. FISH Homepage Merchandise for atheists

Atheism FAQ:s

  1. The Atheism web I

Chat and debate

  1. Reason -- Message board of this site
  2. Atheist Chats and Message Boards

Critisism of religion and the Bible

  1. Collected arguments from Usenet
  2. The Page of Unreason - Cults and pseudo science
  3. Trancenet -- Cults
  4. Some Reasons Why Humanists Reject The Bible
  5. Donald Morgan's Biblical criticisms files
  6. Bible contradictions
  7. More contradictions
  8. The Bible is probably the best source of xian absurdities
  9. Cygnus Study Great site for critical studies on the historicity of Jesus
  10. Quest for the Historical Jesus
  11. The Jesus Puzzle New!

Atheist people's atheism pages

  1. Nathan's Atheism Page -- Nice set of arguments
  2. Man is Man Made
  3. The Hundredth Sheep -- "The one that got away"
  4. Wasteland of Wonders -- "Only Sheep need a shepherd"
  5. Ring of truth select a random atheism page
  6. Teevie's Little House of Hell
  7. The Thinking Man's Minefield
  8. Niclas Berggren's Homepage
  9. Quinn's Page of Atheism - Formerly "King Tomato's Page of Atheism"
  10. The Asserive Atheist New!
  11. An antidote to religion New!
  12. Zbigniew's page New!

Making fun of religion

  1. Churches Ad Hoc - Offbeat look at churches in America
  2. God's homepage
  3. Top 10 reasons why beer is better than Jesus
  4. Jesus tm vs Windows 95 tm
  5. Jesus' Web Page
  6. Satire at the Freethought web
  7. Landover Baptist Church
  8. The Virtual Temple if the Invisible Pink Unicorn
  9. Kissing Hank's a**
  10. The complete Religion Shit List
  11. Atheist Dictionary of Christian terms...
  12. Atheist Dictionary #2
  13. Where in the World is Jesus? New!
  14. Jesus Dress Up Make your own Jesus Dress up doll New!

Science and skepticism

  1. Evolution entry
  2. The Earthnet Info Server
  3. The geometry forum
  4. National Center for Science Education
  5. The archive
  6. CSICOP, The Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal
  7. CSER, Committee For The Scientific Examination Of Religion
  8. Ontario Skeptics New!
  9. SETI project
  10. SIMPOS - Social problems with the Occult
  11. Strengthening your Atheism Attempting to give a psychological explanation of religious faith
  12. The Skeptic's Dictionary New!

God isn't

  1. Fredrik Bendz' proof that god does not exist
  2. Does God love you?
  3. Why the Christian God is Impossible, by Chad Docterman A superb rejection of the xian god - you really should read it.

Blasphemy/Critisism of religion - Don't say I didn't warn you!

  1. Church of Euthanasia This must be a joke
  2. Decapitate an Angel slaughter a religious icon
  3. The Internet Altar of Unholy Blasphemy support the war against christianity...
  4. Why Christians Suck original essays
  5. Jesus Dress up (Requires Internet Explorer) New!
  6. Blasphemy Ring New!


  1. alt.atheism
  2. talk.philosophy.humanism
  3. Evolution/Creationism

Links to links

  1. Free Links For All Page of Reason
  2. TNA links
  3. Atheism links at the Active Portal Project
  4. Secular Groups on the World Wide Web
  5. Yahoo : Atheism Index
  6. Yahoo : Humanism index

Pages, for which I take no responsibility (as if I do with the blasphemy pages? ;-)

  1. The Christian Answers Homepage
  2. The Bible -- Searchable!
  3. Livets Ord -- The word of life (?)
  4. Karisma Center
  5. Svenska kyrkan The Swedish (ex.) State Church New!
  6. The Humanist Movement ( -- THESE ARE SILOISTS, NOT SECULAR HUMANISTS! Do not link!


  1. Was Jesus Gay?
  2. Scientific Rationalism
  3. Christian Heritage
  4. The Great Forum -- debates about theism/atheism
  5. Atheist chat room New!

Deletion pipeline -- Dead links from great sites

These links will be removed in due time. I keep them here in hope of finding that they haven't been removed, but only moved to another location.
  1. Atheist Code Get your own atheist code!
  2. How's your Jesus Christ been hanging?
  3. The Online Atheist
  4. Atheism Links links and Encarta's definition of atheism

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