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"Today the god hypothesis has ceased to be scientifically tenable [...] and its abandonment often brings a deep sence of relief. Many people assert that this abandonment of the god hypothesis means the abandonment of all religion and all moral sanctions. This is simply not true. But it does mean, once our relief at jettisoning an outdated piece of ideological furniture is over, that we must construct some thing to take its place." -- Sir Julian Huxley (The New Divinity)

Files in English

What is Humanism?
Humanist contact persons in Sweden
Visit The Humanism Ring at Bomis! New!
The swedish Humanists
What is the Humanist Movement? New!

Information på svenska

Vad är humanism?
Humanistisk (Borgerlig) konfirmation
Humanisternas lokalavdelning i Stockholm
Human-Etiska Föreningen i Västerås

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