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Here are some of my favourite lyrics
-- Now with samples!

"Imagination is the key to my lyrics. The rest is painted with a little science fiction" -- Jimi Hendrix

  • Black Sabbath -- The original heaviest group of them all!

    War Pigs (anti-war) -- The riff is classical, and so are the lyrics. This is Black Sabbath at their best. This song may be the reason why so many modern metal bands have such politically loaded songs. [Sample, requires Real Audio]

    Changes (breaking up) -- A simple song and very plain lyrics. In fact it is so naked that you really feel that melancholic feeling you have when you are really sorry and lonely. [sample, 797 KB | another sample, requires Real Audio]

  • Ebba Grön -- A Swedish Punk Rock band from the late 70s/early 80s.

    Häng gud/Hang god (God is a fascist) -- This is so telling. God hates the colored people, and god hates the poor (or at least he has been ascribed those qualities just a few hundred years ago). Therefore god is a fascist. [sample, 683 KB]

  • Jimi Hendrix -- The master!

    The wind cries Mary (breaking up) -- A very poetic piece written after an argument with his girlfriend. [Sample, requires Real Audio]

    Castles made of sand (life's ironic tricks) -- How happiness will come to ruins, just like castles in the sand.

  • Nazareth -- Rock 'n' roll defined. Guns and Roses are a bleak copy of this great band.

    Exercises (the whole record) -- This was their second record. It didn't have more than a few good songs, but the lyrics are very good. Enjoy!

    Holy roller (a message to the evangelists) -- You talk about sin, but can you save your own soul?

    I will not be lead (anti-religion) -- This must be the most aggressive stand against Christianity I've ever seen. Something to think about if you are a Bible-monger.
    [MP3 sample, 913 KB] [Another sample, requires Real Audio]

    Loved and lost (never give up) -- It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. What else is there to say? Optimism and sadness combined.

    Sad song (breaking up) -- A beautiful song about the empty grief you have after breaking up.

    Sold my soul (god isn't there) -- How you try to talk to god but no one's there.

  • Pretty maids -- A Danish HM band. Very typical Heavy Metal from the early 80s.

    Yellow rain (vietnam veterans) -- Considered heroes when they left, and criminals when they returned. They were only pawns in a game, not knowing what they were fighting for, but they were the ones who were blamed.

  • Rainbow -- After Richie Blackmore left Deep Purple in 1974 he formed this group together with Ronnie James Dio

    Stargazer (broken [religious] dreams) -- They built a tower from where the wizard was supposed to fly. But he fell on the ground and died. So many people died for the tower of stone, but... why? [Sample, requires Real Audio]

  • Thin lizzy

    The hero and the madman (anti-war) -- The soldier who goes to war; but is he a hero on a white horse, or is he a madman pushed into the burning battlefield by the crowd who forces hin to go there against his will?

  • Uriah Heep -- My favorite band. Great lyrics, great songs and great performance.

    Can't keep a good band down (you really can't) -- The critics always hated Heep, so they wrote this song in reply. The group says they will keep on playing as long as they enjoy it, and people come to visit their shows, so why do the critics complain?

    If I had the time (I wish I was this optimistic) -- Be happy as long as you find a piece of mind. Laugh when it rains, because the rain will make the flowers sing! [sample, 624 KB]

    Illusion (Is this poetic or what?)
    Sweet freedom (breaking up) [sample, 689 KB]
    Voice on my TV (anti-evangelism) [Sample, requires Real Audio]

  • Whitesnake
    Crying in the rain (grief) [Sample, requires Real Audio]
    Guilty of love (a strange way to say "I love you")
  • Yngwie Malmsteen
    Soldier without faith (anti-war)
    Magic mirror (power lies within - not in any gods)
  • Frank Zappa -- I don't really enjoy his music, but some lyrics are great
    Dumb all over
    Heavenly bank account

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