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Fredrik Bendz

This is Fredrik Bendz


(Note: This picture was taken in July 14, 1998. For more images of me, click here).
I was born in Uppsala, Sweden, on the 24th of May in 1973. My father ┼ke is a municipal administrator and my mother Agneta is a school teacher. Both live in Uppsala. I also have a younger brother, Anders who has a degree in economics. After becoming a pharmacist in Uppsala I lived a few years in Lund before moving to Helsingborg, where I presently live and work as a clinical research coordinator at Pfizer.

On my spare time I am the playing coach in KFUM Tiger's mens basketball team in division 2. Ironically enough for an atheist like me, KFUM is the Swedish acronym for YMCA, young Christian something... but I don't think sports have anything to do with religion, and besides many players in the club are muslims as well. KFUM is a pretty small club next to Helsingborg's main basketball club Helsingborg Pearls.

I used to play for five seasons with Uppsala's team SallÚn Basket in the Swedish Basketball League (the highest series) but I wasn't good enough to get much playing time so when I was about to choose a pharmacy for the six month practice which ends the Swedish pharmacist education I went to Lund to play with division 1 team IK Eos. I played with Eos for five additional seasons before I decided to quit basketball and move to Helsingborg where I was currently working as a release officer at Pharmacia, which was bought by Pfizer about the same time. In the fall that year I heard about a club that played in division 3 (the lowest series) so I figured I would join that club to play just for fun. At the same time I coached a boys team in Lund, but the year after I left the team to stop having to commute between Helsingborg and Lund. Besides, it was time for the team to get a new coach after three years with me. The next season I became the playing coach in Tigers, and the next thing I was a member of the board and we advanced to division 2. So much for "just for fun", but now I have played in literally every division possible in Swedish basketball.

In 2004 I was appointed as the "minicoach" of the year by Eos for my work with boys born 1992, an achievement I am very proud of, much more than any of my medals as a player. Being recognized for coaching means that you have enrichened the lives of 20 other people, which is much more worth in my eyes than achieving something for your own ego. In 2005 I was awarded as coach of the year in Tigers for bringing the team to division 2.

When I'm off court I sit much by the computer, spending time on discussion forums, writing web pages, chatting, looking for information of various kind and playing games. In the middle of the 1990's when I "discovered" the Internet, I used to spend a lot of time chatting on IRC, but it took too much of the little spare time I had so now I avoid online chats. Instead I've become addicted to message boards. My ICQ UIN code is 1825843. If you're lucky, you may find me there. You can also find me on Skype as Benzocaine if you'd like to talk. I'm also using that alias on places such as Swedish Wikipedia

I am also very fond of heavy metal, mostly from the 70:s. Some of my favourite bands are Uriah Heep, Nazareth, Black Sabbath, UFO and Whitesnake.

Moreover I like to read, but I don't have the time to do that as much as I'd like. My favourite author is JRR Tolkien; I really love 'The hobbit', 'The lord of the rings', and his autobiography: 'Leaf by Niggle'. Unlike most people The first Tolkien book I read was 'Silmarillion'. Though not an ordinary novel, it's also a great book. I don't read many novels any longer, but a book I can really recommend is Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley.

I have no Idols - the whole concept of worshipping is one that fills me with disguist - but people I admire for different reasons are: My grandmother, Albert Einstein, Bertrand Russel, Charles Darwin, Michael Jordan, Julian Huxley, Voltaire, David Coverdale and Ken Hensley.

I may add that I don't like everything with theese people. For example, if I'm correct, Coverdale is a devoted Christian, Einstein was a zionist and Julian Huxley advocated eugenics.

I am 204 cm (6┤8") tall and weight about 95 kg (205-210 lbs) which makes me kind of skinny. (Many people have requested this: My shoe size is 47-48, i.e. 13US or 12UK.) My eyes are blue/gray and my hair cendre/ash blond (I looked it up in a dictionary, so I'm not sure which color describes my hair, maybe both. If any swede reads this, please let me know the english word for "mellanblond").

Since I became a Humanist , from being a very sad person with no meaning with his life, I became very curious about life and it's secrets. Much thanks to some books by Julian Huxley (Former president of UNESCO, author of "Religion without revelation", grandson of TH Huxley and brother of Aldous Huxley).

Note! Humanism is not any kind of fanatic sect or anything, even though the lines above are very similar to what a religious fanatic would write. Humanism is the opposite of fundamentalism since it tells people to think for themselves. Humanism is a philosophy which questions everything - even it self! - whereas religion tells people to accept everything and not question it's "eternal and absolute truths".

I keep a lot of balls in the air, as we say in swedish (That is, I have my hands full of things to do). I read a lot, used to always have several programming projects going on, which I never finished. Right now I deal a lot with my homepage and waste my time debating with christian fundamentalists who don't listen to my position anyway (as if I would listen to theirs ;-). At the same time I practice basketball and have my 9-5 job at Pfizer. I just whish there were at least 48 hours more on the day.

I am a person who is very strong in his opinions. I think that every man has a basic right to wealth, and therefore call myself a socialist. I don't think that a company necessarily is less effective if it is owned by the people together through the state or some kind of corporation, than if it is owned by an individual. The importand thing is to take advantage of and stimulate peoples creativity. We are leaving the industrial society behind us and going towards the IT-revolution. In the society to come, individualism creatism and knowledge are important qualities; but to let every man develop his abilities to a maximum we need to develop welfare for everybody. Then, and only then, can we have a better world, and then the "supra-organic" (cultural) evolution will get a great kick!

After writing this I found out that the greatest genious of all time, Albert Einstein, once came to the same conclusion:

"This conception implies one requirement above all- -that every individual should have the opportunity to develop the gifts which may be latent in him. Alone in that way can the individual obtain the satisfaction to which he is justly entitled; and alone in that way can the community achieve its richest flowering. For everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labour in freedom. Restriction is justified only in so far as it may be needed for the security of existence."

Note that I consider individualism a great quality. Just because I'm a socialist I don't think the people should be a grey mass. Science and culture (what Karl Marx, though I'm not a Marxist, called the superstructure of society) often develop by theories or tides, which no-one knew what good they would do when they came:

"Much advance, both in biological evolution and in psychosocial evolution, including advance in science, is of course obtained by adding minute particulars, but at intervals something like crystallization from a supersaturated solution occurs, as when science arrives at an entirely new concept, which then unifies an enormous amount of factual data and ideas, as with Newton or Darwin."; -- Sir Julian Huxley (1968)

If thoughts are free there will be a greater amount of theories, a greater amount of tides and a greater society. Real individualism can only exist when all people can devote their time to the superstructure of society. So individualism for me is not only a matter of rights, its a matter of rights and possibilities to practice your rights.

My definition of socialism does not have much to do with Marxism. Actually it has more to do with humanism. Not only because I haven't read enough marxism, but also because fundamentalistic marxism is a pseudoscience and does not agree with my idea of a dynamic world. I don't really know what kind of socialist I can be classified, probably some kind of libertarian communist socialism but I like the idea of Syndicalism. Many of its views appeal to me, e.g. about laws, decentralization, peace, democracy. I don't think socialism should be forced upon anyone (and neither should capitalism). Instead I would like to see some kind of voluntary multinational socialist community which transcends national borders. For more information see Socialism on my personal philosophy page.

I hate war, injustice, religion and everything else that hurts people;
and love women, honesty and kindness.

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