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The Page of Unreason

Destructive sects and pseudo-sciences

"We can brainwash faster than the Russians - 20 seconds to total amnesia"
  -- L. Ron Hubbard (Hubbard Technical Bulletin July 22, 1956)

Interviewer: "What is Hadacol [a cure-all tonic] good for?"
Inventor: "It was good for five and a half million for me last year."


Reading about what the followers of destructive sects believe in has made me scared of what will happen to our democratic society if their claims are not contested. I don't think that an enlightened person would ever join any one of these cults if he knew what they stand for, and thus I will provide information about what different sects believe. And if their claims are un- or pseudo-scientific, I will tell you what the scientific community has to say about them. 

What I'm looking for is not to give you both sides of the story, but to criticize things I dislike in the movements. If you want a more positive view of them, don't ask me to give you that. Instead you should follow the "pros" links I provide on each page. 



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