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[There is not much recent about this webpage. The entire site was made in the 1990s and is rarely or never updated.
An exception is the "Market" section, which is actually kept fairly up to date.]

Picture gallery

See for yourself by going here.

An older gallery is found here.

Scientific downloads

You can get the ALCHYMY database for thermochemical modelling of uranium-free nuclear fuels from the "Files" section. There are also some PDF files, including some handy scientific tables and my magnum opus on the subject of the remarkable mamba toxins - my thesis from 1996. It is supposed to be fairly readable for the scientifically interested layman.

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This webpage has been moved between different servers a few times. The only valid web pages are found here at, running on old hardware operated by the Update computer society. Older versions may still exist as ghosts on abandoned servers, but are not updated at all.

Also forget all my old e-mail addresses and URLs containing "swipnet" or "comhem".

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