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This place will (in time) be filled with information about my current (and previous) gaming projects.


FATE is a tabletop role playing game based on Fudge. It doesn't use attributes, but instead replace them with Aspects. It is a gaming system that tries to encourage role playing and interesting characters (as opposed to roll playing and min-/maxing). To help google and friends, FATE stands for "Fantastic Adventures in Tabletop Environment". Probably one of the worst acronyms ever.

Rules in Swedish

I have made a short verion of the FATE rules in Swedish. This is partly since the full rules contain options which would unnecessarily burden my players, but also since the rules are in English and thus use English terminology. The plan is to hand out this short form of the rules to make the players use Swedish words, and so that the players can just read just a few pages instead of a whole book. It almost guarantees that all players will read the "full" rules. Currently the Swedish version is not 100% stand alone, and needs a short introduction by a game master. If you have suggestions on how to make them stand alone — so that they can be handed out at conventions et c — I would be grateful.

The rules are based on FATE v.3, which is does not exist yet.

Character sheet

Nowhere have i found any nice characters sheets for FATE. They are all in English and only in pdf or some other non-editable format.

This is my remedy for that problem. A FATE character sheet in LaTeX. With source code!

If someone wants to steal this and translate my character sheet for other languages, you have my blessing. I would like to get a copy so I can add it to the downloads below. Or just send me a translation and I will do the LaTeX part.

I recommend that you do this with the \newcommand{} feature of LaTeX, thus doing something like this with the Swedish version:


In addition to this it would be really nice to have some sort of flag for choosing the language, so that all languages can be in the same file. I'm not (yet) LaTeX wizard enough to do this.

Page one is the character sheet and page two is for character creation. It is recommended that you print the pages separate sheets.