No longer in the collection
These machines have been given away as part of a trade.
My EAI-180's
A while ago I was lucky to get two analog computers. Namely two variants of the EAI-180 hybrid computer by Electronic Associates Inc. They are in fairly good condition but the potentiometers on the front panel is quite worn and some are missing.
EAI-180 Analog Computer
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EAI-180 Analog Computer

My friend, Kepyla, also got a machine, an EAI-185 which can be seen on the hompage of teknikum29 computer museum.

Documentation Update.

The computers have been standing as decorative furniture for almost two years now, but I've gotten around to working with them. The first thing I did was to try and find documentation. I first contacted the professor that used these machines in teaching, but unfortunatly there was nothing left.

But then i stumbled on the homepage of Bernd Ullman, a.k.a: Vaxman. He is an avid collector of both Vax machines and analog computers. I sent him an email asking about the EAI-180 and by pure coincidence his wife had just scanned the maintence manual.

Spare Parts!

I was quite sad to see the missing/broken potentiometers on the front, and thought I would never find spare parts. It turns out that this kind of "high precision" pots are not that unusual. And when the university cleaned out its electrics storage, I found these:

rack mounted equipment

I'm not sure what they have been used for, but some sort of laboratory work. A googling of "ortec" (the name printed on the front), shows that is possibly related to nuclear power. But I will probably scavenge these for their poteniometers.

Later I also found this in an electric dump:

Lab instrument