No longer in the collection
I traded this machine for an Atari 800.
Candela CAN 09
Manufacturer: Liber(?) Graphics: ?
Introduced: ? Storage: -
End of line: ? Ports: Video, serial, expansion port
Price: ? OS: Builtin(?)
CPU: 6809 Size: ?(W) x ?(H)x ?(D) cm
RAM: 32KB Weight: ? kg
This is a bit of a mystery machine. It is probably made by Swedish company Liber who made educational literature for the ABC80. I say probably because an article in a swedish computer magazine mentions a new computer from Liber, the Candela 90, which never saw the light of day. That would suggest that Candela was a series of computers from Liber. It may also have been made by Didact on behalf of Liber. However the previous owner of this machine, who kindly donated it, suggest that Candela was a small computer company who made business with Swedish FOA. This might be closer to the truth as there is no mention of Liber anywhere on this machine.
Candela CAN 09 This particular machine was used in some kinde of industrial process and was connected to some kind of "master" computer. It was probably very few of these, the case is generic and it looks to be hand assembled. The serial number is also quite low(323), as can be seen on the sticker on the back: Candela Sticker

To find out more I had to take it apart. On the left we find a 5V 2A power supply. On the right are two circuit boards which looks like ECB-Bus boards sandwiched with a connector between them. The expansion port on the back is a ECB-Bus connector which sits on the edge of the lower board. In the middle are some small veroboards which seems to be related to the power supply. There are three flat cables going to berg connectors on the back, most likely serial or parallel ports.

Candela Open The lower board has a 32KB ram chip, a 6809 CPU and a ROM. The other circuits seems to be various peripheral controllers and 74-logic for the serial/parallel ports and video connector. I took fairly high resolution pictures of the boards:

It appears to work, I'm unable to get a lock on the video signal but among the white noice I can see some kind of prompt that changes when I press keys. The 2-line LCD display above the keyboard only shows black squares along the first line. Candela video output

I did eventually get it to work by replaceing three circuits involved in generating the video signal. But I never took a picture of the result :-(

Notice that the keyboard seems to be the same as the one used on the Oric Atmos and Oric Telestrat machines.