DECsystem 5500
Manufacturer: Digital Graphics: -
Introduced: ? Storage: SCSI and DSSI disk
End of line: ? Ports: Serial console
Price: ? OS: Ultrix
CPU: R3000 RISC Size: 53(W) x 69(H)x 45(D) cm
RAM: 32MB - 512MB Weight: ~50 kg
DECsystem 5500 The DECsystem 5500 looks suspiciously like a Vax, but it is quite a different animal. Its main CPU is the R3000 RISC and the system is closely related to the DECstation series of computers. It is built on a QBus and the CPU board is coupled with an I/O board that is controlled by a CVAX cpu. The name DECsystem was originally used for later models of the PDP-10.
I also have an SDI controller for my system so it will be a great machine for moving data between different mediums.