Manufacturer: SGI Graphics: Elan
Introduced: 1991 Storage: SCSI
End of line: 1994 Ports: Graphics, SCSI, sound.
Price: ? OS: IRIX
CPU: R3000 or R4000 Size: 24(W) x 38(H) x 28(D) cm
RAM: 8 - 384MB Weight: 11 kg
Silicon Graphics Indigo Elan This was my first SGI and the first computer I picked up when I started collecting. My friend Magnus found it in the electronics dump at my workplace.
After replacing the CMOS battery, a common problem with the Indigo, it worked prefectly. But it was missing the drive sleds which are specific for the machine. By using the tag "RIGEL", seen on the photo, the original host name I was able to track down the original owner and he still had the sleds :-)