MicroVAX 3300
Manufacturer: Digital Graphics: -
Introduced: 1988 Storage: DSSI disc and tape
End of line: 19XX Ports: Serial, DSSI, ethernet
Price: ? OS: VMS, NetBSD and Ultrix
CPU: KA640 Size: 36(W) x 69(H)x 46(D) cm
RAM: 4 - 52MB Weight: ?
MicroVAX 3300 The MicroVAX 3300 comes in a BA215 box which holds 6 Q-bus slots. Vax performance is often measured in Vax Units of Performans or VUPs where 1 VUP is approximately the performance of a VAX 11/780. The KA640 manages to reach 2.4 VUPs.