Restoring a MicroPDP-11/73
I have a number of MicroPDP-11 systems which needs restoring, among them a nice 11/73 in pedistal enclosure. This is the restoration log. Last updated: 2014-AUG-21 <- Click for the latest!
Inventory Day! 2014-AUG-20
The first order of the day is to take an inventory of the machine. The backplane contains:
QBUS backplane

According to the excellent Field Guide to Qbus and Unibus Modules this is:

M8190-AB    KDJ11-BB    Q   J11 CPU 15MHz with 2 boot & diagnostic ROMs
M8190-AB                    FPJ11 compatibility (warm floating point, but
M8190-AB                    will accept FPA)
M8190-ABRefs: EK-KDJ1B-UG, uNOTE N#039
M8067-LA    MSV11-PL    Q   512-Kbyte MOS memory with parity CSR
M8067-LA                    (Also M8067-LC, -LF, -LH, -LJ, -LP, -LV)
M8067-LARefs: EK-MSV0P-UG, MP-01239, ZJ246-RZ
M7605       TQK25       Q   0.25" streaming tape drive controller (TK25)
M7605Refs: uNOTE N#041
M9047                   Q   Grant continuity (also M9047-SA, -SF)
M3106       DZQ11-M     Q   4-line double-buffered async MUX, EIA 50-10KB,
M3106                       with modem control; replaces M7957 (dual height)
M3106Refs: EK-DZQ11-UG, EK-DZQ11-MC, EK-DZQ11-TM, MP-01795
M3106Refs: ZJ251-RZ
M3104       DHV11-A     Q   8-line Asynchronous Multiplexor, with DMA
M3104Refs: EK-DHV11-TM, EK-DHV11-MC, MP-01783, ZJ362-RZ
M3104Refs: uNOTE N#041
M7555       RQDX3       Q   MFM Winchester and floppy disk controller
M7555                       (RX50/RX33/RD50-54/RD31/RD32/RD33)
M7555Refs: EK-RQDX3-UG, uNOTEs N#041, N#043
Broken power 2014-AUG-21
The front panel power switch was stuck to ON. I unscrewed the front panel and removed the power switch, taking care to document how the cables were connected. Prying appart the the switch revealed three broken plastic teeth that guides the springs. Unable to glue the plastics back together I figured out that these switches are manufactured by Dreefs and called "T100 2WiXII". I have ordered from $AUCTION_SITE, but they are available from too.

Here is the switch in pieces: