Manufacturer: Digital Graphics: none
Introduced: 1970 Storage: Papertape
End of line: 1978 Ports: Serial port
Price: 6,500$ OS: OS/8
and many more
CPU: PDP-8 Size: 48(W) x 26.5(H)x 59(D) cm
RAM: 4kW - 32kW Weight: ~40 kg
Finally I got my PDP-8! One of the more common models, the 8/e. I bought it in 2008 at the annual ETA auction at Chalmers in Gothenburg. To my surprise someone taped the bidding and put it here on youtube.
It came with a PC04 paper reader (no punch) and a TU-56 tape drive. PDP8/e front panel It's missing a few front teeth in the picture but I've found replacements!