For sale or trade. Last updated 2016-05-03
This is a tentative list of machines and accessories that is for sell or trade. I need to free up space so prices are very reasonable, if you pick it up in person it is most likely free!

Please ask me for details in items you are interested in. I will at least do a "smoke test" on your request. (Approximate quantities in parenthesis)

Entries marked like this has been claimed but not yet picked up.


  • Teal Indigo2(missing CPU)(1)
  • DECstation 5000/120(bad PSU,no MEM)(1)
  • MicroVAX 3100 M10(broken mainboard)(2)
  • VAXstation 3100 M10(1)
  • DEC VT420(1)
Documentation/Manuals Everything is in Uppsala, Sweden. I'm easily reached through email: I usually respond in a day or two. My phone number is +46 739 688 943.