Welcome to Update!

Update is a club for everybody who loves computers, in Uppsala and the whole world. We do stuff with computers of all kinds, be it hardware, software, modern computers, historic computers, different architechtures, Unix/Linux, multiuser systems, programming and other things.

Our premises at Polacksbacken is called T-salen (as in terminal room) and this is where you can hang out, drink coffee, eat, listen to music, study, and – naturally – fiddle with computers. On our terminals you can log into our own servers, or those of the IT department, and you are very welcome to sit back in our beautiful orange couch (of circa 1971) and use your own laptop.

We also arrange lectures and exhibitions, work on various projects, and we have a large collection of new and old computers, components, documentation and software.

Datorn i repris
("An Encore of the Computer")

The Update Computer Club and Folkrörelsearkivet host an exhibition on the evolution of the computer. At Folkrörelsearkivet those interested in computers can experience a story about the computer's history and applications from the 1940s until today.

2021-09-14 – 2021-11-05, S:t Olofsgatan 15, 753 21 Uppsala
See Folkrörelsearkivet's website for opening hours and more information.

Updatering: "Update Computer Club: History and Not-So-Certain Future" by Pontus Pihlgren (Update)
At Swedish universities, students organize in clubs for spare time activities like photography, sports, music and also computers! Update is the student computer club loosely connected to Uppsala University. We started out in 1983 around what was then new shiny computers and have evolved into a caretaker of the old and precious. We have kept the very DECSYSTEM 2060 around which the club was formed as well as a VAX 8650, PDP-12, a running PDP-11/70 and many other things. The club is creeping up on its 40th birthday and we would like to present a retrospective with anecdotes and trivia. The future is uncertain as the university department paying for our rooms is moving and will no longer be able to accomodate Update. What will the next chapter for this old club be? And how can you help us?

2021-10-09, 18:00 online, click here to watch the lecture stream.

To ask a question or discuss afterwards join us in the Q&A room (no sign-up needed, just enter a name to join).

Note that this is at different links and one hour earlier than our usual time, as this talk is a contribution to the Vintage Computing Festival Berlin 2021.

See also our online exhibition at the event.

More info on Update's lecture series

Everything about Update and our activities is on Update's wiki (in Swedish).

If you want to donate hardware, books or other computer related things, please contact us.

If you want to become a member of Update, read more here!